N30 and Public Sector Action

A leading Aberdeenshire Councillor  has said that protests by Public Service Unions today over pensions rights are justified. Paul Johnston, Democratic Independent has accepted Industrial Action as the inevitable response in the current situation.

“I hear considerable rhetoric – of course from both sides in a dispute.  But when I examine the arguments behind this, I find that the issues are stacked in the protesting Unions favour.  The issue is not one that is backed up by Government rhetoric.  The reduction in pension, demand for more contribution and the later retirement or delayed benefit is patently unfair when considered in depth.  The public sector pension contribution is in the long run affordable.”

The state of the economy and the clear failure of Chancellor Osborne in economic management puts into perspective the public sector obligation.  The public service workers, lecturers, teachers and did not create the finacial crisis but are largely the ones that will, through education and support of us all, will actually get us out.  This is about about fairness.”

“I understand the general public concern over strikes and this is not someything I back readily.  But the case is overwhelming when considering the lack of justice in the actions of Government which allows executive pay to rise higher, bonuses and CEO payments to jump by astonishing levels.  Its an issue for the 1%

“Its not a case of public v private sector for me – its about fairness and the 99%”


“Lower paid employees in the private sector may look at public sector employment in an unsupportive way – but it may be the wrong target.  They need better pension management and need more say in the running and remuneration of their own workplaces.”

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