Trial recycle points

Recycle your old iron, radio or hairdryer as part of an Aberdeenshire Council trial

Two new electrical appliance recycling banks will be installed in Port Elphinstone and Insch by Aberdeenshire Council on Wednesday (February 1) as part of a trial to allow people to recycle small items such as irons, radios, hairdryers and clocks more easily.

“It is welcome to see a trial on small electrical items being sent for ‘recycling’ at these points.  It will be interesting to see the results not just in the quantity but what was actually offered up for recycling” said Cllr Paul Johnston, leader of the Democratic Independent Councillors.

“I would have concerns that some of these items could be re-used or processed differently if other methods were tried rather than recycle dump bins.” continued the Councillor.  ” The WEE directive is driving us towards a different path, other than use and dump – even for recycling.  The Council should be doing triasls and looking at systems for re-use and and refurbishment as more a a core direction.”

“After all, the Council had a more than £1 million underspend on its budget and an overspend on taxes for the excessive amount it puts to landfill.  They can both afford to do this work now and in the long term will still be best value”

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