Paul seeking election again – independently

Paul Johnston, a well known Aberdeenshire Councillor is seeking election again this May. 

The Independent Aberdeenshire Councillor has interests in planning and waste issues.  He is Chair of a national community recycling network. He is a strong advocate of social enterprise and development trusts.

“I believe I still have a lot to offer all of the Communities that make up the huge expanse of the ward of Mid-Formatiine.  From Oldmeldrum, Methlick, Tarves and Pitmedden all the way to Potterton and Balmedie, I hope I have made a contribution with a record of action. “

Paul has lead the Democratic Independent Councillors, as a group on the Council, providing opposition and scrutiny of the Conservative and Lib Dem Administration.

“I do not belong to any political party.

Paul hit national headlines when he blew the whistle on Aberdeenshire’s property dealings with the Trump Organisation at a public inquiry.  Subsequently he was fully cleared by the standards commission after colleagues complaints were unfounded. 

“Sticking up for what is right and doing the best for my constituents is what I believe in” said Paul.

Paul became an Independent Councillor following his fellow Councillors refusal to acknowledge that they had made false allegations.  Once a Liberal Democrat, he said that he still holds democratic and liberal views but welcomes the wider support for his stance against the imposition of political whips to control Councillors on Aberdeenshire.

“Many people will be thinking about putting trust, openness and fairness ahead of party loyalty in deciding who should be their Councillors.  I hope my independent stance will be backed before party votes when deciding this local election.  I am strongly in support of keeping services and preventing cuts in classroom support  or supporting services for the elderly.  The present Council administration has been too eager to cut services even to the point of significant underspending of their budgets.  I have a record of action and i promise more”


Cllr Paul Johnston was elected to Aberdeenshire in 1995 for Oldmeldrum, Methlick and Barthol Chapel.  Ward changes included Tarves, Udny and Pitmedden and further changes meant he has recently represented, Udny station, Potterton, Belhelvie and Balmedie.


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