Traffic Woes at Oldmeldrum

The woes of the Square in Oldmeldrum are not ones of looks as it looks very nice. Its one of design where traffic is the symptom that something has gone wrong according to Local Councillor Paul Johnston

Councillor Paul Johnston has asked roads engineers how to avoid repeats of an a recent incident where a large lorry and trailer accidentally drove down into the Rosebank area of Oldmeldrum. At 4:30am in the morning it was stuck and police were waking and asking residents to rise and move their vehicles to let the lorry out.

“This is almost farcical” said Paul Johnston. “I agree with a constituent who is asking for better, clear signs that lorries should not be using the town as a through route. ” what would also help is a concerted effort by Aberdeenshire Council to have SAT NAV databases updated and the through route removed from Satellite route map devices which give the wrong directions. Especially to large lorries at 4 in the morning” said Paul.Image

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