Councillors agree co-operative working arrangement

Following last Thursday’s Aberdeenshire Council elections, Independent Mid-Formartine councillor Paul Johnston and Scottish Green Party East Garioch councillor Martin Ford have said they plan to co-operate over practical working arrangements for Council business.

The two councillors intend to seek recognition as a group for the purposes of securing the allocation of committee places and other practical matters.

A single councillor cannot be treated as a ‘council group’ for the conduct of council business. A single councillor is therefore at risk of having little or no say over which committees he or she serves on.

Cllr Ford and Cllr Johnston worked together before last Thursday’s election as members of the Democratic Independent group. Cllr Ford has been re-elected as a Green Party councillor. Cllr Johnston remains an independent.

While Cllr Ford and Cllr Johnston are planning to co-operate at a practical level, they also share many policy goals. Cllr Johnston has previously publicly praised the Green Party’s 2012 manifesto for Aberdeenshire.

Other councillors have expressed interest in the possibility of practical co-operation with Cllr Ford and Cllr Johnston. Further discussions will take place over the following days.

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