Independent Councillor makes clear lines in new ‘Political Aberdeenshire Council’

Paul Johnston, an Independent on Aberdeenshire Council is NOT to be involved any administration deal on Aberdeenshire Council with the Conservative Administration.  Independent Councillors are reported to have joined the conservatives in a deal to run the Council.

Councillor Johnston today said: “I was never even approached or contacted with the possibility of support.  This approach was to a group of Independents clearly sympathetic to the conservatives and against working across the political spectrum.”

“I had approached other Independent councillors last week with a wish to work cooperatively and ensure fair distribution of places and responsibility across all councillors.  I am disappointed that back room deals without due regard to fairness has been done by those independents who have appeared to go back on their word to the electorate about independence in politics on Aberdeenshire council with this attempt to lock out some political and Independent Councillors in aid of the conservatives.”

Councillor Johnston said, at present only 9 of the 11 Independents are signed to the conservatives.  Green, Labour and SNP Councillors are along with Cllr Johnston and one other Independent are not in the conservative political coalition which will attempt to run the Council.  The maths, said Cllr Johnston are likely to result in a series of knife-edge votes as he described the conservative administration as “unstable”.

“A strong political whip system will need to be used as this stunt will lead to a more divided Aberdeenshire Council because of this grab for power.” said Paul.  “I will continue to work with all political groups across the Council and continue to ensure representation with a working group arrangement with Cllr Ford.  I would encourage other Independent councillors to think along these lines and avoid the party whips.”

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