Park Problems for School Sports

Tarves school has a problem for Friday 25th May – the Park.  Aberdeenshire landscape service had to give up cutting the grass after their machinery was failing to cope with the boggy ground conditions on the Braiklay Avenue Park.

Local Councillor Paul Johnston has been trying to get the Council’s Landscape services to cut the now exceptionally long grass but new problems have emerged as specialist equipment is needed to complete the part done task.

“The service has asked for a loan of a machine from another area capable of dealing with heavy wet very long grass and boggy ground” said Paul.  “Unfortunately, there was no time to cut ahead of the sports day”

However, local residents have come to the rescue and brought out smaller grass cutting equipment and lighter ride on mowers to cut a section large enough on slightly drier ground to allow the sports to go ahead.

Paul praised the initiative.  ” I can only apologise for the Council being unable to help.  But it is great to see community spirit for the School’s sports day and the School Fete the next day” said Paul

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2 responses to “Park Problems for School Sports

  • erica

    Perhaps the part that is too damp to cut should be redeveloped as a wildflower meadow for our beleagured bees.

    • Admin

      The main part is the school football and play area, so cutting is still required. There are areas which could be managed differently for wildlife. On a personal level. I was hoping to create an orchard area within a meadow.
      Part of the problem with creating meadows, is that it is used as an excuse for no management at all – ie leaving rubbish, inappropriate weeds, rather than actively (all be it at a lower level) managing biodiversity.
      With all proposals, it is one of trying to persuade people to agree and work with nature here, not to dominate it all the time. But it is an issue of persuasion.

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