Balmedie Beach – Call for action

Balmedie and mid Formartine Councillor Paul Johnston described the state of Balmedie Beach on Monday as disgusting and unacceptable.  This follows a fine weekend with exceptional crowds heading for the beach during the weekend.

“When I heard and saw the problem I approached Council Officials about the problem.  It is clear they were overwhelmed by the amount of litter at the sight.” said Paul Johnston.  “They admitted that they got it wrong and the local staff, though valiantly working was not enough.”

The Councillor had meetings with officers to ask for measures both to clean up the existing mess and see what improvements could be made to prevent a repeat.

“The managers of Balmedie Country Park were suggesting the use of Community Service people in exceptional conditions like this and that is a positive step.” said Paul.

“I urged new re-cycling bins at the car parks and arranged a site meeting between waste staff and the local manager to install plastic bottle, can and glass re-cycling as a matter of urgency.  I believe, from my own look at the rubbish collected that this will be a significant help.”

Country Park

Paul asked visitors to consider their actions on their next visit to the beach at Balmedie.

“This is a Country Park, above all people should take their litter home with them.  Its a wild place not manicured.” he said.  “It was disgusting to see so much left, especially things that never decay such as plastics, glass which harm this environment and other visitors.  There would be no ‘problem’ sunny weekend if people obeyed the country code and took their litter away.”

Taking Action

Councillor Johnston (in hat) with part of the group collecting rubbish at Balmedie Beach.

 Councillor helps in impromptu beach clean up in the evening. Thanks to “Fantastic volunteers”

Paul Johnston has praised an informal group of north east folk, some of whom had visited the beach on the Monday and saw the mess, then organised their own informal BEACH CLEAN.  A group using facebook, had young people and their families down on the beach collecting rubbish because of their concern for the environment and to support the local Council worker who had been struggling to cope the previous day.

“I heard about this and joined them with my gloves and bags to pick some quite disgusting litter.  They quietly got on and helped.  It was a fantastic gesture.  It restores my faith that there are people who care for this world and don’t want it trashed” said Councillor Johnston.  The people gave up their evening to roam the dunes and beach having heard about it on Facebook or through work and friends at SEPA.

“I think the whole community owes them thanks, as they did this as an impromptu and without any recognition”


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One response to “Balmedie Beach – Call for action

  • Suzanne Roberts

    Cllr Johnston, Thanks for bringing this issue to the attention of your followers. It seems that the good weather brought the worst out of some people across Scotland – causing untold damage to our beaches, parks and open spaces which are visited for their intrinsic beauty. It is heartening to hear that volunteers pulled together to help the local authority clean up this Seaside Award winning beach. Keep Scotland Beautiful works with volunteers across the country to facilitate such clean up events, and we would be delighted to hear more about your work. Further information on our campaigns and programmes can be found at

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