Jubilee highlights school strengths at Methlick.

A Royal Diamond Jubilee event held by Methlick Primary School has won praise from local Councillor Paul Johnston.  The Parent Council and School joint event had all the classes involved in fun learning exercises with a jubilee theme connection.  Parents organised crafts and face painting along with a cake decorating competition in the hall for each class to takes turns in.  The day ended with a ‘street party’ theme with bunting, sandwiches, cakes and lashings of lemonade (and other juice drinks)

“I visited the event along with the parents and it was a fantastic fun packed event. Parents saw the children at work and play, saw their work including the wonderful home-made bunting and joined in the absolutely packed and enjoyable ‘street party’ at the end” said Paul.

“Letters to the Queen, or pop up greetings cards,computer drawing and playing music all made the school an impressive place to visit” explained the local Councillor.  “There were a large number of parents viewing work and some down on the floor playing Lego with children and plenty doing cakes or face paints.  This was school engagement with the parents and community at its best.  Mrs Reid and her team should be rightly applauded for their work along with the parent Council”

Methlick school held its jubilee event on Thursday 31st May, with parents visiting in the afternoon followed by a street party style parents and children event at the end of the school day.

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