Welcome for Brewdog expansion

Formartine Councillor Paul Johnston has welcomed the news of the creation of up to 40 new jobs for the expanding Brewdog operation in the process of building a new brewery in Ellon.

Brewdog, Scotland’s leading independent craft brewer made the expected announcement of the expansion this week.


“The expected expansion is due to the continued success of the Brewdog idea and the completion of a new brewery in Ellon is the next milestone.  This recruitment programme is the welcome process of investing in the expansion.” said Councillor Johnston

“I believe this is an important example of passionate innovation in production that is sustainable, economically successful, socially good for employment and environmentally conscious.  It is also innovative in its funding by crowd sourcing ‘fanvestors‘ as they are known.  This is an example of good North east industry, exciting,  passionate about the product, based on long term sustainable principles using the areas assets.”

Brewdog have made a reputation for being cutting edge if not controversial.  Paul described them as an ‘enfants terribles’ of the brewery industry.

“The have a kind of zany Oddbins like approach that I recognise and is refreshing in a bland corporate world” said Paul.

Paul Johnston, as well as a leading Aberdeenshire Councillor is a former wines and spirits lecturer and worked for over 25 years in the drinks business for subsidiaries of  Seagram Wines and Spirits, Boddingtons Breweries and Constellation Wines.

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