Johnston declines THAT invitation.

An MSP and two Aberdeenshire Councillors have declined a surprise invitation from Trump Vice president George Sorial to tour the Menie Estate development next week ahead of its official opening next month.

To date Mr Trump has invested £13m in the development, not the £750m figure that is often reported. And despite having outline consent subject to conditions in 2008, the Trump Organisation has only just applied for and got planning permission for a clubhouse, so a temporary clubhouse is being put up.

Independent Councillor Paul Johnston said:

“The last time I spoke to George Sorial he threatened me. He has now invited me to meet him at a lonely spot on the Aberdeenshire coast. I’m not going.”

Scottish Green Party Councillor Martin Ford said:

“The Menie dune system was an amazing and beautiful natural habitat before it was targeted for development. I have seen the damage inflicted on the Site of Special Scientific Interest when visiting local residents. This was officially sanctioned vandalism of an important nature conservation area on a horrendous scale. I don’t have to go to Menie to see a Portacabin.”

Patrick Harvie, Green MSP for Glasgow, said:

“I will try to find the time later this summer to visit the site with local residents and see the full scale of the Trump Organisation’s destruction of this important natural asset. Sadly on the dates in question I will be working in Parliament and visiting constituents in Glasgow.”

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One response to “Johnston declines THAT invitation.

  • peppercat2

    Thank you for taking this stand. At this time of year I used to lead herb walks to the Menie dunes as it was one of the best habitats I knew of for a wide variety of healing wild flowers. It breaks my heart to think of it now, buried under tons of bulldozed sand etc.

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