Welcome for Udny Step Forward

Udny, Pitmedden  and Mid Formartine Councillor Paul Johnston has welcomed the announcement and advertisement for the development Officer for the Udny Trust.  The post has been created with The Trust and national Lottery to drive forward the community Development and works of the trust around Udny.

“This represents an important milestone for the Udny Trust” said Paul.

“The development officer will support the voluntary local board and help people get projects together that will benefit the local community using the financial resources from the Udny trust and its Community owned wind turbine.”

The trust have released details of the job application at:  http://udnytrust.wordpress.com/

“The Trust will make things happen via this development officer post and thanks to the national Lottery we can get this post in time to help evaluate and award funds from the Trust as money begins to arrive from the profits of the Community Turbine.  The Udny Trust  is being closable watched by other communities because they have much to teach about getting things done for their own areas.” said Councillor Johnston.

Udny Community Trust are the community company that has invested in a  £1.44 million 80m /800kw wind turbine at Hill of Tillymaud.  The turbine (known as Tilly), will generate an income of up to £100,000 per year that can be invested in local community Projects and assets.  The Trust are set up to help develop local groups who can use the money to create assets and help bring the community together and make Udny and Pitmedden a great place to live.


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