End to Dispensing At Pitmedden

The packed public meeting in Tarves called by NHS Grampian highlighted the decision by the board of NHS Grampian to force Doctors at Pitmedden surgery to stop dispensing medicines.

Councillor Paul Johnston, who has campaigned against the NHS decision has expressed the local concern to NHS Grampian officials and wants the opportunity for Udny and Pitmedden’s Community to put the case for continuing to dispense direct to the meeting of NHS Grampian’s decision makers, their Board.

“People in Pitmedden and around Udny will, from April next year, instead of getting their prescription on a visit to the doctor’s surgery, now take it to a neighbouring town or village to order it and then sometimes, even return on a second visit if it is not in their stock. ”

The anger felt by some in the local Community at the change was highlighted to NHS officials by the Udny and Mid-Formartine Councillor

“What has also angered people, is that this significant reduction in local Health services, I believe will cost the NHS more because the level of  subsidy to yet another pharmacy that is inconvenient to Pitmedden, is more than the total costs of paying the Doctor’s surgery to dispense medicine.  This is perverse and completely daft”

Paul will continue to press the NHS and the Government to review and reverse their decisions.

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