Paul praises Oldmeldrum Amenities fun.

Oldmeldrum and mid Formartine Councillor Paul Johnston has praised the Oldmeldrum Amenities group for the second annual display of  fund-raising dummies in the town Square.

“All the floral work done by the group costs money and this is a fun way to draw attention to their request for funds. ”  Said Paul.

Masks of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh turned some heads, as well as kids loved the Postman Pat outside the Post Office, said the local Councillor.

The character placed by the problematic parking area in front of the Shops on the north side of the square, has had surprising benefits.

“A notice around this characters neck warns of no parking.  People who do park there unwittingly create turning difficulties and the traffic jams.  it angers other motorists and Oldmeldrum residents.” said Paul

“The use of the fun way to highlight the no parking restriction at the shops has to be commended” said Oldmeldrum and Mid Formartine Councillor Paul Johnston.

“There have been on going problems in the Square getting the new traffic system to work and slowing down traffic at times and keeping if flowing at others.”



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