You’ve been Trumped rated a hit

Balmedie and Mid Formartine Councillor, Paul Johnston has welcomed the BBC2 screening of the international award winning documentary “You’ve Been Trumped”

The film, which chronicles the events over a year of local residents around Menie near Balmedie in the battle with Donald Trump and Trump International, has won 10 international awards and received accolades from world renown US documentary maker Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 )   This was despite of the decision not even to be selected for the Edinburgh Film festival as it dealt with issues surrounding the original planning application, including the controversial intervention of the First Minister and local MSP Alex Salmond.

“The film has been shown around the world at Documentary film festivals and in small independent theatres.” said Paul Johnston.  “While it has been seem by thousands at full houses, it will never have received the reach of a major film distribution. The BBC showing had an estimated audience of 1.1 million viewers, some 40% greater than similar audiences for documentaries on BBC2 as I understand it.  This is good news for residents who believe that their case for respect by Trump will be strengthened by a larger audience seeing the undoubted events on film.  The showing has been a hit.”

Menie resident David Milne (Left) shows Paul Johnston (right) the dune system.

Councillor Johnston, who represents part of the area covered by the Menie Development also said that he was still dealing with numerous cases to block and restricted access to residents and local people.  Councillor Paul Johnston said he remained concerned that without action to improve access, the Developer, Trump International will be seen by people as continuing the intimidation and ignoring planning and legal obligations.

“Many gates are locked blocking historic access and there are other reported infringements denying public rights.”

The Real Picture

Paul Johnston agreed with many comments made about the film – and highlighted in the film itself by Martin Ford, where to understand fully the reasons for the residents plight and the destroying of what was Scotland’s last unspoilt dynamic dune system, people had to have the full story.

” I strongly recommend people read the story as published in the Journal of Scottish and Irish Studies (Link below).  Although thoroughly researched and academically reviewed it is NOT a dry account but an absolutely accurate account of the decisions which led to the awful situation  which in turn led to the  film being made” said Councillor Johnston.

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