Prestigious award for former local resident.

Former local resident, Professor Steve Murdoch, has been awarded the Olof Palme Professorship for 2013.  The prestigious Swedish and International award is for an outstanding researcher that contributes towards international understand and peace.

Commenting on the Award, Local Councillor Paul Johnston said: ” The award to Professor Murdoch is of International prestige and for his historical research and publication must be a huge personal recognition.  His work, both at Aberdeen University and St Andrews, were he has been latterly,  illustrates the importance locally of our Academic institutions in the life of this region.”

professor Steve Murdoch lived in Balmedie and gained his doctorate from Aberdeen University, where he taught. He is a research fellow for the Aberdeen University Research Institute for Irish and Scottish studies while being Professor of History at the University of St Andrews.

The 2013 Olof Palme Professorship has been awarded to Steve Murdoch, and in Sweden, he will be based at the Centre for Maritime Studies at the Department of History at Stockholm University.

Councillor Paul Johnston served for 10 years as a member of the Governing Court of Aberdeen University and supported the creation of the Research Institute as well as the Academic teaching and research focus across Northern Europe.

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