Suggestion of Second Course at Menie

Trump International have today, told the press about a planning application for a second golf course on the Menie estate in Aberdeenshire.  The Scottish Sunday Express ran with the headline that “TRUMP BUILDS SECOND SCOTS COURSE”

Balmedie and Mid Formartine Councillor Paul Johnston said:

“While, the headline says he ‘builds’ and nothing of the kind is happening, it may be true that Trump International are about to, or are in the process of, seeking planning consent for a second course. Rather than newspaper speculation as to its contents and impacts, I would ask people to check the application themselves. Aberdeenshire Council have NOT published any such application so what is said is pure speculation.”

“In such circumstances an applicant can say whatever they like, however, embellished about what will happen. The fact is there is no live application to judge it against. It may come – but its not here yet.”In planning terms the Aberdeenshire Councillor pointed out there are two serious points that should be borne in mind.

Firstly, that there was always a proposal for two courses and Trump International always were to seek permission for the detail of the second course. This is the ‘reserved matters’ for the outline application granted at the public Inquiry. It will have to follow those conditions.

Secondly, Trump International may submit an entirely new application on the same ground/site and that will be have to be evaluated as a NEW application.

“In either case any application may not materially alter any of the so called economic benefits from the development as it was implicit in the original planning permission a second course would be there. We are several years away from actually having a second course, when and if one is applied for.” said Paul

“It can only be judged and commented on WHEN we know what the detail of any application actually is. Until then, publicity about it is, if you pardon the expression, just wind in the dunes.”

The area to the South of the existing Menie Golf Course is a site of Special Interests to Natural Science and part of the protected coastal area.  Any detailed application or application for ‘reserved matters’ would need to take into account the nature of the site.  Areas slightly more inland from the active dune system were accepted during the Public Inquiry as being capable of being developed for golf provided care was taken with the environment.  The southern boundary of the estate and the indicated location of this possible application is bordering Balmedie Beach and Country Park.  During the previous planning process, it was pointed that the Southern sand area is most often thought of as Balmedie Beach and is popular with visitors.  The extent of the proposed second course onto the southern area of dunes is one that will be evaluated by planners.

“I would urge all people interested in the application to look carefully at the information provided in the planning process as that is what should determine if the detail of any application is acceptable” said Councillor Johnston

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