Media get wind of second course at Menie. “speculation” says Johnston

Southern part of Menie Estate from the air, up to the Balmedie Country Park.

Following speculation in the Sunday Express and the Press and Journal, about Trump International and a ‘second course’ and the planned hotel at Menie, local Councillor Paul Johnston said

“Today I had confirmed that there is no application for a second course at Menie. There is an existing outline (In principle) application but this would require a separate application (sometimes called reserved matters). This has not been made.

To add to that, I have checked and there has been NO discussion with trump International about any application for the second course or what would be required to make an application.

Therefore, people should conclude that all the press speculation about a second course has something else to motivate it, rather than anything to do with an actual application for planning consent. Speculation about the winter closure of the main course and the financial viability of the development has been rumoured. I cannot comment on that speculation or what Trump International are trying to achieve with such a story, repeating stuff about outline plans, but I can confirm it is unrelated to planning.  It is just media speculation about kite flying in the wind”

Paul Johnston has been in touch with senior planners to also seek assurances that the information relating to the Menie Applications, Public Inquiry and subsequent variations are still easily available on Aberdeenshire Council’s website.  The Mid Formartine and Balmedie Councillor had received concerns from residents that previous information had been taken down from Council web pages and that it was not possible to see the approved master-plan and documents.  Officials are investigating and said they will restore the appropriate links.

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2 responses to “Media get wind of second course at Menie. “speculation” says Johnston

  • John Edwards

    I think that the press releases only said the TIGL were asking the designer to produce a detailed plan.

    • Admin

      That’s not their spin. They have constantly highlighted those reports that exaggerate their intentions. What precisely is said that they will design a new course and possibly submit it for planning consent only if the wind turbines are rejected. The spin is to make it seem that this is a ‘new’ course and that it signals investment and progress and nice stuff that the press like to report. They release a short press release, have friends welcome it as a puff story and then keep quoting the resulting good press and quotes.

      Reality is nothing new or unexpected has been done but a threat has been made to not go ahead with development unless the turbines have been rejected. Essentially not a story about planning as there have been no discussions with Planners about the second course since not long after the public Inquiry a couple of years ago.

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