Fantastic news of Pitmedden dispensing reprieve

Mid Formartine Cllr Paul Johnston who has been working with community councils and campaigners in an effort to reopen Tarves surgery and prevent withdrawal of dispensing at Pitmedden, has welcomed the decision of NHS Grampian board to back recommendations allowing doctors from the Haddo Medical Group to continue dispensing prescriptions from their Pitmedden surgery.

Paul Johnston said: “This is fantastic news for Udny – Pitmedden, Tarves and Methlick.  This reprieve is a major achievement by campaigners.”

” A tremendous amount of hard work has gone into persuading the NHS board to review their decision.  What is important is that the NHS have accepted that there is serious difficulty for people in Pitmedden and across the rural parts of the practice in obtaining prescription medicines.”

Paul explained that if patients were having serious difficulty then NHS Grampian should permit a GP to dispense prescribed medicines.

” A lot of evidence was placed in front of the NHS professional panel prior to the board and on the arguments submitted they recommended that our GP’s continue their excellent dispensing work from Pitmedden and Methlick.”

“I think that all in communities of Udny, Tarves and Methlick owe a great deal to the campaigners and their Community Councils who have shown their worth.”

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3 responses to “Fantastic news of Pitmedden dispensing reprieve

  • James

    The headline is a bit ambiguous. “Reprieve” suggests that the closure of dispensing from Pitmedden is either cancelled or at least postponed. The news itself however falls short if this headline when we find the only thing that has happened is a recommendation has been backed. Let’s not pop the champagne just yet Cllr Johnston.

  • Admin

    James, it was a clear decision by the NHS Board. The board backed a recommendation to them – that is they approved that recommendation which was clear and straight forward. They took a decision. I think you know how it works.

    The NHS Board are therefore to continue to ask the Haddo Medical Group to dispense medicines in Pitmedden and Methlick and that is Fantastic news. The previous decision as you know was to withdraw it in April. Therefore the word reprieve is fair.

    I am sure you will know what the legal position would be, but a decision was made. How do you think it can be changed?

    I am certainly not complacent and have not popped champagne corks, There will be other challenges to overcome but I perhaps have a nice bottle of Cava on ice.


  • James

    You make too many assumptions about my knowledge of NHS Board decision making affairs and legal positions than are warranted, however I thank you for clarifying the news (i.e. it has been “approved” and not just “backed”). Fantastic indeed!

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