No Glow but Council still needs a brighter future for IT.

A leading Aberdeenshire Councillor has urged fellow Aberdeenshire Councillors to invest resources in improving educational information technology.

Paul Johnston, the leader of the Democratic Independent and Green Group will urge Aberdeenshire Council not to pocket a £100,000 cut in spending on the now failing Glow system being used in Aberdeenshire Schools.  Instead, says Councillor Johnston, money should be invested in ensuring we improve the way our school to work with IT and Computer Technology.

” improvements in working with Computer Technology and Internet access could improve school performance and allow students more chance to work from home in poorer whether, revised when one study leave and many other distance learning situations” said Paul.

The Councillor is proposing changes to the Aberdeenshire draft budget to be debated this week.

Aberdeenshire Council’s has admitted that its use of the Glow system has not been successful as it should be.  Council officials have suggested saving money by removing staff resources and transferring the cash into council reserved coffers.  Councillor Johnston is suggesting that staff resources continue to be used, not on glow, but on better support for teachers and students on using existing Internet and so called ‘virtual learning’ alternatives.

” An improved virtual learning environment can offer better teaching resources, student attainment and access to more subjects and more interesting material.  Students could have better opportunities to work from home and access materials.  The Scottish Government’s alternative to glow is not yet settled and this investment is to prepare for this and  intended to give Aberdeenshire’s students a head start.”


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