MSP’s get the message

MSP’s get the message

CAMRA has taken its campaign calling for a better deal for Scotland’s pubs and it’s growing brewing industry, write to the heart of the Scottish Parliament.  The campaign made its appeal for a Minister to be made responsible for pipes to Scotland’s leading politicians at a reception at the Scottish Parliament hosted by the Green MSP Patrick Harvie.

CAMRA says with 110 pubs in Scotland closing the last year, a minister should represent the interests of the licence trade and beer lovers in the Scottish parliament.

There are now 57 breweries in Scotland and CAMRA’S Scotland and Northern Ireland Director Lindsay Grant told the MSP’s this diverse brewing industry deserves greater recognition from the Government and he should move towards the same status and national identity enjoyed by the whisky industry.

Supporting CAMRA’s initiatives, Aberdeenshire Councillor welcomed  the parliamentary reception by Green MSP Patrick Harvie.  ” Scotland’s brewing renaissance is something to be proud of and deserves the specific focus that ministerial responsibility can bring.”

” The decline in the number of outlets for quality beer will undermine the success of our fantastic brewers.” said Cllr Johnston.

The leading Aberdeenshire Councillor has been a strong supporter of the development of the Scottish brewing industry, backing local innovative cutting edge firms such as BrewDog in Ellon.

” A recent UK campaign by CAMRA where over 100,000 signatures were gathered against beer duty changes, illustrate the importance of brewing.  While duty rates are an issue for Westminster, many aspects of a successful brewing industry will depend on the Scottish Parliament and Government.  This is why this Scottish CAMRA initiative is important.”

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