Blackdog Planning Hearing and Menie Estate visit

People have been asking what is happening regard the Hearing into the electricity substation at Blackdog that will be the landfall site for the cables from the Vattenfall wind turbines in Aberdeen Bay.

The turbines are approved by the Scottish Government. The role of Aberdeenshire Council is determine a separate planning application for a land point for cables and an electricity sub station.

It is my understanding that the landfall site chosen is not the only solution and therefore unrelated to the progress of the offshore wind turbine construction.  Councillors are legally bound to determine the application in front of them and not determine it on the basis of a view on another application that may or may not be related.

The itinerary for Councillors is posted below for information.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the hearing meeting in the white Horse Hotel, Balmedie.  Apologies, but only objectors can speak and will have needed to have already indicated that to Council officials. Objectors to the Menie application are welcome to attend the site visit at the Trump golf car park but is not a public visit.

If anyone needs more information please get in contact with the Formartine Area Office

2013-04-13-Blackdog Hearing

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