Practical Help for Community Groups welcomed

Scottish Business in the Community has developed this Finance Guide with funding from the Scottish Government to provide the ability for the day to day financial transactions to be recorded in an easy way, facilitate the reconciliation to the petty cash and bank statements, and provide the amalgamated figures for both the annual accounts and committee reports throughout the year.

“This looks a helpful and practical thing for Treasurers of Community Groups.  It meets the basic requirements for recording transactions from OSCR, the charities regulator ”

“It is always difficult for groups to get one of their members to be a treasurer.  A helpful guide and spreadsheet to keep people right will make it easier for community groups to recruit a treasurer and easier for records to be handed over and presented to annual meetings.  This is a good project from Scottish Business in the Community and i hope it is a success for those who use it.” Said Paul Johnston.

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One response to “Practical Help for Community Groups welcomed

  • Frances Donnelly

    Thanks for taking the time to post this. It was a good project to work on as I have been helping out with the bookkeeping at my locally community centre for a few years now. I really hope it helps local volunteers taking on this task.

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