Blackdog decision deferred.

The Blackdog  application for an electricity sub station to serve the Vattenfall wind turbines to be built in Aberdeen Bay was deferred by Aberdeenshire Council’s Formartine Area Committee today (30/4/2013)

Councillor Paul Johnston, who represents the area said: “Blackdog has been incredibly poorly treated as a community in the past. It has been surrounded by Landfill sites.  These have been poorly constructed and some are dangerous. The whole area is a risk for any excavation work from the evidence presented to the committee. There are however still questions that must be answered before it is possible for the committee to decide on the application.  This development could put local residents at risk.  People expect the Council to know what is on the on site and what the real risk is before we take a decision.”

“I believe the deferment to allow a survey and other research is absolutely required.  A simple rejection at this stage  might easily be overturned at an appeal which would place events beyond local control.  People are seeking assurances that there is no risk to their health and the environment from the construction of this sub station.” said Paul.

The deferment is to allow for the reports which may take some time to get, however, this is not expected to prevent the offshore wind turbines being  developed within the time-scales. The reports should be possible or alternative sites developed.

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