Planned alterations to bus services will reinstate a vital public transport link used by Oldmeldrum residents to access facilities in Dyce.

Green councillor Martin Ford backed by Oldmeldrum Councillor Paul Johnston, took up the issue with bus operator Stagecoach Bluebird, pressing the company on the need to provide services via Dyce Asda because these enabled
residents to get to Dyce Health Centre for doctors’ appointments or ASDA.

Last November, Stagecoach Bluebird agreed to look again at the demand for services via Dyce Asda and sent a questionnaire to those who had signed the petition complaining at the October bus route change.

Now, details of a new day-time Stagecoach Bluebird service between Oldmeldrum, Newmachar and Dyce Asda shopping centre are expected to be published next week, on Monday 13 May. The new service (Service 235) is expected to start running on Monday 8 July.

Councillor Paul Johnston said: “Its good news that stagecoach have come some distance in reconsidering the service.  Its not a full restoration but it  may offer enough to allow residents of Oldmeldrum, Hattoncrook/Whiterashes and Newmachar, the services to ASDA and more importantly their doctor in many cases.”

Councillor Ford said: “The planned new 235 Service does not replicate the frequency of buses to Dyce Asda that existed before last October, and will only operate through the middle of the day. But I have seen the proposed timetable
and a summary of the responses to Stagecoach Bluebird’s questionnaire, and the planned new service should cater for most of the demand identified. It is certainly a huge improvement on no direct service at

“I hope the new service is a success and is well used.”

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