Call for safety checks on Tillycorthie bends

Aberdeenshire Councillor Paul Johnston has asked for checks and work to carried out to resolve safety concerns at the bends at Tillycorthie on the B999 in Aberdeenshire.

“These bends associated with an old railway bridge over the Formartine and Buchan Way, are known locally for their danger.  The road edges have inadequate reflectors, posts and chevrons despite a steep drop at several points.  The road is not wide and definitely unsafe for pedestrians or cyclists.” said the local Mid Formartine Councillor.

Roads officials are investigating and are considering a report on what could be done to improve the safety.  Officials have already responded to Councillor Johnston by saying  it would highly unlikely that the Council would remove the bridge and straighten the bends, but consideration is being given to other measures.

“My concern is that the lack of warning, reflectors and chevrons is making it unsafe. This can be resolved by some small expenditure.  There also needs to be work on the road edge to ensure it is safer and to prevent accidental run off down the embankments” said Paul.  ” I will continuing to press officers for practical solutions.”

Tillycorthie bridge

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