North East Fish is good for Council

Aberdeenshire Councillor Paul Johnston has been questioning the origins of the North East Local Authority’s supplies of of fish for its Schools.

“Locally, Peterhead is the source for some of Europe’s best seafood and particularly Haddock which is from an MSC accredited sustainable managed stock.  What I was concerned with is that we know that fish supplied to local establishments did not rely on imported items with long food miles and carbon footprints when we had such good product, sustainably caught on our doorstep” said the Councillor.

Cllr Johnston is a member of the Council’s Fisheries working group and has asked for assurances, along with other members as to the supplyImage chain of the Councils school catering service.

“It is certainly good to see that all the Haddock, the most popular product for local children is from local producers and sourced from Scotland especially around Peterhead or Fraserburgh. Other products are responsibly sourced as well.”

As a Council we should make every effort to use locally sourced produced especially when its sustainable” said Paul. The Councillor along with Scottish Seafood Association, is pressing for more of the Council’s products to be freshly supplied rather than frozen.

“It was good to get assurances at a recent meeting of the Fisheries Working Group about the local source of the product Aberdeenshire Council buys.  But in terms of getting the best we can, I think there is still more we can do to ensure fresh local product is offered on our school dinner plates.  Changes in the future will mean we will possibly see a wider choice of local fish landed and this is an opportunity for our school meals service to widen the choice of fish dishes for children.”

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