Councillor seeks apology from Bancon after Panmure Gardens ‘mess’

Aberdeenshire Councillor for Potterton and Mid Formartine, Paul Johnston has taken the highly unusual step of writing directly to the Group Chief Executive of BANCON Group over the “Mess” they have made of the Panmure Gardens Road closure.

Cllr Johnston had already been urging the company to apologise via officials after the failure to give proper notice of the closure and the confusion it has caused.

Now BANCON and their contractors have failed again. This time to keep to the timetable and they are to keep the road closed for another TWO weeks, doubling the time to complete the sewer connection.

“This s not so much a small delay as a major change and people are angered at the treatment they have got at the hands of BANCON.”

“I have written direct to the BANCON Group head, Bill Beattie to step in and ensure that the residents are told what is happening and get an apology and assurances that the work will finish quickly without further disruption.” said Paul. “They are a good company and I am sure they want to keep their good reputation. Incidents like this need to be dealt with by their senior management”

Councillor Johnston said the local manager for BANCON had assured the Council they would contact residents and local businesses.

“They have failed to keep people informed and have now extended the closure without even yet contacting the shop and post Office who are owed an apology” he said.

The closure has led to residents blocked in, bus services disrupted and the shop cut off from the village it serves, leading to 2/3 mile detours for a loaf of bread or pint of milk.

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