Food waste consultation welcomed

News that the EU commission is start a consultation of citizens, groups and governments on food waste has been welcomed by Paul Johnston, a leading Aberdeenshire Councillor.

The consultation that runs from July to October 1st will ask what is to be done to stem the increasing volumes and on how to reduce the 89 million tonnes of food wasted in the EU each year.

The Commission estimates that up to two billion tonnes, or between a third and half of all food produced around the world is lost or wasted annually. Unless action is taken to kerb the trend, it is predicted that food waste in the EU could rise to 126 million tonnes a year by 2020.

“This is a huge problem and it is not been tackled at its roots.” said Paul. “That is why I welcome the consultation.”

“Aberdeenshire Council are only just beginning to gear up for waste food collections, however, that does not actually address waste, just what happens to the residual contents of a domestic bin. What Aberdeenshire is setting out to do is good as far as it goes. But we should be considering how we can do more”

Paul Johnston, is also chair of a national resources charity, CRNS, dealing with ‘Zero Waste’ and representing many social businesses and community groups trying to reduce re-use and recycle waste.

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