Oldmeldrum joy at Gold and Silver for Glen Garioch at International Competition

An Oldmeldrum Councillor, Paul Johnston has congratulated Glen Garioch Distillers for achieving yet another gold medal as well as two silver medals in the IWSC – The prestigious International wine and Spirit Competition.

“The results announced on the 24th July again prove that our Town’s distillery is a world winning producer of fine spirit.  Its fantastic news. The decision by Morrison Bowmore to invest in the distillery over twelve years ago can be tasted in the bottle that has won gold in the world’s top Spirit competition” said Councillor Paul Johnston. “It is a huge achievement to win gold for their 12yo Whisky against a world of competition – as well as an outstanding award for their new product called Virgin Oak”

As a local Councillor many years ago Paul campaigned to have the distillery kept open and not developed for housing as many other Scottish Distilleries had been.  Paul was himself a wine and spirit industry professional working in wholesale and retail wines and spirits, so knew the  potential for Glen Garioch.

“Their decision to stay open is vindicated and with the introduction of the Virgin Oak bottling, which achieved a Silver Medal at its first show, augers extremely well for the future.” Said Paul

Glen Garioch is Scotland’s last true Old Town centre distillery and is part of Morrison Bowmore distillers, part of International Distillers, Suntory.

The IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition ) is one of the Worlds top competitions. Started in 1969 it is sponsored by the The London International Wine and Spirit Fair, the most important international trade fair in wines and spirits.

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