justedThe Youth Forum in Aberdeenshire are holding a march against bullying in Inverurie this Saturday.  A little bit of me says that marching in Inverurie is a little bit of a fish out of water activity.  But what makes this interesting – and important is that it is a youth based event about what matters to the young people’s leaders themselves.

And what matters when all is said and done is justice.

Being against bullying is about justice.  That is justice in the sense of being ‘fair’ conducting relations with respect and a sense of what is right and wrong and the effect people can have on each other.

I am impressed that this is the subject of the march.  It deserves the support of all people.  It is not just a youth subject – bullying is learnt behaviour – injustice is as common amongst adults and this march should make everyone think.

I am so sorry that I cannot go.  I have two other events to go to.  The first is about trade justice as I have a Fairtrade meeting.

The second is protecting our planet in a little way, helping at the Natural Energy show in Thainstone.  Tarves resident and MSYP (Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament), Millie Low has been active in getting others to come. More power to her.

Please support the Anti Bullying awareness march on Saturday 14th September 10am in Port Elphinstone – going to Inverurie Town Centre.

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