Oldmeldrum Roads – The final decision

20131030-CoutensOldmeldrum and Mid Formartine Councillor Paul Johnston welcomed the promised final adoption of roads at Oldmeldrum’s new housing development.  His comment  was ‘Yippee’ to the Formartine Area Committee who passed the final report approving the ‘adoption’ of  the last roads and paths in the 398 house develop;met by Wimpey, Barratt and GHA.

“The maintenance of street lights roads and pavements now are with Aberdeenshire Council.  That means gritting and sweeping as well as light failures are not a protracted problem for residents.  It has been a long process and it has taken some substantial pushing of developers to get this completed.”  said Paul

“Aberdeenshire Council will have to learn from this experience and seek to include more robust conditions in planning consent to ensure that lights and pavements are completed and adopted earlier. Perhaps the Council can use a developers insurance bond and complete the work if the developer fails to keep its commitments.  One way or the other this needs sorted”

Councillor Johnston, however, has warned that residents in the scheme, will be subject to the developers grounds maintainance arrangements.

“The Council has NOT been asked to adopt the open ground and playparks for grass cutting and maintenance” said Paul.  “This is of concern to me in the long run, but currently the developers preferred contractor Greenspace are carrying out routine work.”

Councillor Johnston has been made aware that residents have been sent invoices for this work.  residents with concerns are being asked to contact him at pjohnston@cix.co.uk or via his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paul-Johnston-Aberdeenshire

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