Blackdog Decision

“Those opposed to the application are divided into two groups. Those who oppose it because they don’t like wind farms in Aberdeen Bay (aka Trump & Co) and those who opposed it from the point of view of the site (Planning issue) and the potential impact/disamenity.

I am a local Councillor. I supported the windfarm in consultation, I opposed the Trump development (That’s why I am now an Independent/pro environment Cllr) and in this case it became clear to me during the application process that the problems of excavation of the site were unresolved and Council officials could not provide the assurances that the site monitoring on a former landfill site on which it is to be built would be sufficiently robust to say that the application would not have a detrimental impact on the village. Other councillors may have had other motivations. Over the years I hope that I conistantly do planning applications strictly on their merit and using planning arguments planning rather than vague economics etc.  So for me – nothing to do with Trump.

It has to be born in mind that the village has Tarbothill Landfill to its immediate south. This application landfill site (Former brickworks) and Strabathie Landfill to the east of that and the Blackdog Landfill to the north of the application site are all long term problems for residents. Both this site and Strabathie as well as Blackdog were landfilled in era of different controls and indeed the Blackdog Landfill is leaching pollution onto the beach.

The entire area is a mess. And a potentially dangerous mess. Hence the strong reasoning for planning conditions to ensure local safety and amenity.

There are other options for Vattenfall. They admitted that and they have a right of appeal.

It is my view, from what the options appraisal said, the applicants clarified and from other sources, that the Aberdeen Bay windfarm is unlikely to be stopped because of this.  That would not have been centrally material in deciding on this planning application, but the wider community may wish to take that into account in assessing the impact of the decision.”

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