Councillor urges reponse to Local Democracy Commission

The commission on strengthening local democracy has made a call for evidence.  If you think we can improve local democracy, then please make a representation.

Elements that might be considered are:

  1. How to stop centralising everything.  Within Councils and within Scotland (eg Police,fire etc)
  2. How the NHS can have democratic oversight at a local level.
  3. How to strengthen the role and scrutiny of Community Councils
  4. How you can empower communities in any changes to local democracy.
  5. Democracy is not only about voting – but should it be mad easier to vote?
  6. As Democracy is not just about voting – what should be done to ensure all views are respected by Councils?

“These are some of the kinds of questions that have emerged with me over the last period since local government reform” Said Paul Johnston, Councillor for mid Formartine and leader of Aberdeenshire Council’s opposition DIG Group (Democratic Independent and Green Group).

“I hope people will take time to think about the issues and make a response to the Commission.  You can make your response in their set format or just write to them at the address they give.  what matters is that you respond.”

“The gradual erosion of many local democratic civic institutions and the reduction in local democracy is something that people mention only when they personally come across the issue.  I urge people to think about the topic and examine what they would like to see as truly democratic and therefore inclusive, rights respecting local government.” said Councillor Johnston.

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