Following concerns about the Aberdeenshire’s development plan in Oldmeldrum and how it might effect residents, a ‘surgery’ meeting was held by Paul Johnston, Councillor for Oldmeldrum and mid-Formartine.  The local plan in particlar identifies a site called M2 which is for 50 houses.

Councillor Paul Johnston said:

I held a meeting with residents of COUTENS PARK and ARDCONNON AVENUE and streets off those roads regarding the development of 50 houses and employment land next to them in Oldmeldrum.

The opportunity is there for them to influence a developer at the very beginning of a masterplan so the developer knows what are the local concerns.

If a developer knows what these concerns are, then they can save themselves time, money and grief in later planning stages.

That’s what community engagement in planning is about.

Residents can see big problems with vehicle access if taken from Coutens Park. Good advice to developers to listen!

Councillor Johnston supported and advised residents on speaking to the developer and the planning process including masterplanning.  Residents were also told od available support for knowledge about the planning system from PLANNING AID SCOTLAND an Edinburgh based charity that can give sound, practical advice of dealing with developers and planners in the Scottish Planning system.


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