Special Daviot Meeting to get local views

Daviot local Councillor Paul Johnston, is supporting moves from Oldmeldrum Daviot and Bourtie community councillors to gather local opinion on the proposed Aberdeenshire Local Plan (LDP).

“Daviot and district has been subject to a number of planning applications that have suggested that the current planning policies are not understood for the area.  It is vital that Aberdeenshire’s Local Plan accurately reflects local opinion.” said Paul Johnston.

The Community Council members who represent Daviot are holding a consultation session in Daviot Hall on SATURDAY 18th JAN from 11am to 1pm to inform people and get proper democratic feedback of local opinion.

“This is an excellent initiative from Ken Gordon and Willie Sinclair and others in the community.  I think all Councillors on Aberdeenshire’s Formartine Area Committee will need to know local needs and wishes if the are going to take the right decisions about planning and housing around Daviot.” said the Democratic Independent Councillor.

Local people are being asked to fill in questionnaires and surveys and these are delivered to every house in the village. They are available online at the Daviot Website and on Oldmeldrum Online from Wednesday 15th.  Responses can be returned on the saturday at the Hall or to Ken Gordon or Willie Sinclair by wednesday 22nd at the address on the form. As the deadline for the community to respond to the local plan is the end the end of Friday 31st January 2014.

The consultation sheets will help people make their own direct representations to Aberdeenshire Council if they wish.


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