Councillor highlights opportunity with possible Trump withdrawal

A leading Aberdeenshire Democratic Independent Councillor has said that a possible Trump pull out from his stalled Aberdeenshire housing development on the back of the Menie golf Course, may bring benefits for the Aberdeenshire Coast.

“While it is always difficult to tell what Mr Trump’s organisation will do because of many contradictory assertions, it is possible that Trump International -if not investing ‘a single penny’ more in Menie – may withdraw and sell such a development to protect Mr Trumps remaining investment capital” said Councillor Paul Johnston.

“If the sale boards were to go up, this presents a good opportunity for a new resort operator with more enlightened management to come in” he said.

Councillor Johnston has been receiving numerous complaints about the management and access arrangements at the Trump Menie Estate.  He said that a new owner may have more skill in dealing with the challenging environment and getting the best out of the now altered dune system.

“I think better management can work more closely within the natural environment and still preserve the remains of the impressive coastal landscape.  Also, access for the public to walk could be restored and a better relationship created with all the coasts users.  It could be a win win” said Paul.

Councillor Johnston said a golf course, more in harmony with the local dune system, with good coastal walking access would be a better long term sustainable draw for golfers in Scotland.

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3 responses to “Councillor highlights opportunity with possible Trump withdrawal

  • John Edwards

    I am not sure that any golf course, even an Askernish type golf course, is practical in the dunes. Scottish owners are not necessarily any more walker friendly.

    • Admin

      Much of the course is in the dunes slacks of a moving system or in grey dune. The course could be modified gently and sensitivly to work better with the system. But some holes are not sustainable. I got that message from some comments at the public Inquiry into the development back in 2009.

    • Admin

      Access is through the grey dunes and has been there for many years. Much of this time without issue. I can always see practical problems of paths crossing the moving dunes but access generally I think could be managed well.

      The nationality or even ethnicity of the owner is irrelevant as fa as I can see.

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