Improve Pitmedden centre call by Councillor after child knocked down.

Pitmedden’s Aberdeenshire Councillor Paul Johnston has asked the Council road department for priority review of safety at an Accident spot in the village centre of Pitmedden in Udny.  This follows the knocking down of a 4 year old boy, Fraser Dundee close to the car park entrance and the Co-op shop.

“I have written to the Roads service asking them to firstly re-paint and renew the road markings which are worn.  Also a plea to install better flashing lights on the crossing to make the area much more visible and warn approaching drivers.” said Paul

“Further to that, I hope that the Council will work with the local community to review how the area is laid out and seek other possible safety improvements”

The crossing area has frequently been criticised by the Community Council and both Community and Aberdeenshire councillors have consistently asked for improvements.

“It is sad that it takes an accident to highlight the ever present danger here” said Councillor Johnston.  “I am just glad that Fraser, while badly injured did not have life threatening consequences.  I think people locally want to make sure we don’t have more accidents where it is life threatening”

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