Concern for “Fake” Post Office changes consultaion in Tarves

2014-03-March 12 POAn Aberdeenshire Councillor has asked for urgent assurances from the post office regarding changes to Tarves Post Office.

Councillor Paul Johnston had already criticised the post office for misspelling the village name and now he is seeking assurances that the decision has not already been taken – even before the public consultation has finished!

Concerns emerged as residents received letters from the post office in response to their early consultation returns which he said they should look forward to the changes that will take place.  Yet the post office claim at the same time not to have taken any decisions.

It is also emerged that equipment from the existing post office is to be removed apparently regardless of the consultation leading to concerns that the consultation process is “fake”.

Councillor Paul Johnston said: “I hope people will put back there consultation forms into Tarves Post office or email them by the end of Friday 14th.”

” However the post office must quickly assure people that this is not a fake consultation where they have already decided to allow retail operators, C J Lang (SPAR) to make changes that would seriously counter to the consultation responses.” Said Paul

” I know that both Alex Salmond MSP and Malcolm Bruce MP have both contacted the post office to seek similar assurances following local concern.”

Councillor Johnston also suggested that the post office may wish to attend a meeting in Tarves with residents to hear concerns and discuss the findings of the consultation.

” This might go a long way to get the solution that meets local concerns of privacy and practicality of the changes and see if changes to Spar’s plans can be accommodated” said Councillor Johnston.

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