Superfast Broadband Comes to Town welcomed by Councillor

Oldmeldrum is soon to benefit from a scheme to deliver superfast internet speeds.

Local Democratic Independent Councillor Paul Johnston has welcomed news that the settlements of , Oldmeldrum, and Balmedie are part of the next areas to be connected to high-speed fibre broadband thanks to the further roll-out of the £410 million Digital Scotland partnership.

As part of this announcement, the districts join more than 56,000 premises across 14 local authority areas across Scotland who will benefit from fibre broadband services offering very fast speeds of up to 80Mbps* being rolled out in the autumn, as BT engineers deploy the technology.

“This is a very welcome step towards connecting our area to a faster broadband and making businesses more competitive as well as providing fantastic digital services to residents” said Paul Johnston. Oldmeldrum residents for example will be able to ge TV and digital services amongst the best n Britain, explained the local councillor.

“However, there is still much to do and I am concerned we get early indications of improvements in rural locations where the benefits will be equally as marked.” said Paul.

The Councillor has been campaigning for faster rural broadband which currently does not often get to even reasonable speeds.  “In places such as Cairnorrie, or Barthol Chapel, etc we can see very little connectivity.  These places should not be left out.







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2 responses to “Superfast Broadband Comes to Town welcomed by Councillor

  • pepperncorrie

    From what we were told some time ago, if you are more than a certain distance from the exhange (we are 2.5 miles from the Newmachar ex) the speed won’t be any better as the limit is the long copper link.

    • Admin

      Yes this is the problem that will exist between the towns and villages. There is promised improved minimum speeds for these rural areas. My fear is that it wilt be inadequate and a long time coming. I am still campaigning to get improvements here as well. Particularly hoping for 4G mobile broadband. this may prove more effective for people who cannot practically ever replace the Slow copper wires.

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