Dr Maitland Mackie

I heard this morning of the death of Dr Maitland Mackie.  Maitland could make people mad by what he said. But he made people think and thats a gift.  I worked for him at one time and we always sparred with debate and ideas.  I would often sit next to him at Aberdeen University Court meetings and at all times was good company.”

“We shared many views and our debates on environment and economy and the philosophy that underlay a liberal approach was stimulating.  I was never sure if I persuaded him of anything but I could see clearly at times how he debated issues, researched and did take on board alternative opinions and fashion them to himself.”

“Maitland will be missed, as is father was.  He was devoted to his wife, recently deceased, Dr Halldis Mackie and I think that he had no fears because of his being re-united with his soulmate”

“My deep sympathies for his family, and that huge wider loyal following at Mackies farms and Ice cream, who have lost their figurehead. They have a new generation, as able as the last and the one before to go forward, but they can reflect that Dr Maitland Mackie was a person who aspired to leave a mark on the world – and achieved it. “

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