Beer fan and local Councillor Paul Johnston welcomed the news that North East Craft Brewer, Brewdog announced a stunningly successful year with a 383% increase in profits as the Company began its global expansion.

“There was something really to celebrate at the Brewdog 2014 Company Annual General Meeting on Saturday (21st June) in Aberdeen, where shareholders gathered for a now legendary AGM.  The controversial ‘enfants terribles’ of the beer trade have shown that core industries in food and drink are very much part of our economic future.  They are one of a number of fantastic craft brewers emerging in Scotland”

The councillor has been a long term drinks industry commentator and spent 27 years in the industry.  “Their success is something to celebrate and I will raise a glass of ‘5am Saint’ to the future success of Brewdog and the future of Scottish Food and drink that they are leading” said Paul

In announcing a rise in its annual turnover of 70% to £18m, James Watt, BrewDog co-founder, said that while “tired pubs” are facing closure and big breweries are reporting “disappointing sales”, the craft beer industry is booming outlining BrewDog’s determination to change it “much, much more.”

Recently named the UK’s fastest growing food and drinks company by The Sunday Times, 2014 saw the company launch its new brewery in Ellon in Aberdeenshire in 2014 taking its production capacity from 25,000 hectolitres to 250,000 hectolitres a year, with a further £4m expansion currently underway at the brewery.


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