This is a good article from the USA that illustrates that school gardens can be valuable in so many ways.  There is a growing disconnect between people in modern society and the natural world.

School gardens as part of any curriculum can help redress the balance and prepare people for the real life.




Why School Gardens Matter

Cultivating the future, one child at a time, begins in a garden classroom.

By Meredith Hill

a graden is an essential part of a childs education“We have the compost!” a chorus of voices declares as kids pile bags of the week’s frozen food scraps into our rickety wheelbarrow. “Can I carry the rakes?” asks another, shuffling through a pile of tools next to the classroom bookshelves. Soon, a dozen middle schoolers from Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering in New York City’s south Harlem toting handfuls of garden equipment squeeze into the elevator, excitedly debating who will push the wheelbarrow up each block.

MORE – click for the full article below.

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