A plan for our communities of Potterton and Belhelvie

There will be a Planning For Real event at Potterton Community Centre on Saturday 11th of October.  This event builds on previous meetings, some time back, for the villages of Potterton, Belhelvie and Whitecairns.

Planning For Real events are a tool for community engagement.  That means getting local people to have their say about their own communities.  And making those views clear to local councilors and officials.  It creates a plan, a record, of what is wanted and needed by our community.  That will be developed into a kind of ‘who does what’ plan that can get updated as we go along.

The Formartine Community Planning Partnership and others will be helping to do the work and so Aberdeenshire Council and Belhelvie Community Council understand what local people want for their own community.

It will also help the newly formed Belhelvie Community Trust in their work trying to develop local groups and volunteers get what everyone wants done locally.

I will be there for the event (hopefully with other Council colleagues) to listen to local views and find out how we can all work together to build a better Potterton and Belhelvie.

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