Daviot Councillor makes winter plea to Roads service!

The sun may be shining and leave still on the trees, but an Aberdeenshire Councillor is asking for measures to prevent accidents on ice in the Aberdeenshire village of Daviot.


Mid Formartine Aberdeenshire Councillor, Paul Johnston who represents Daviot, has asked the authority’s head of roads to remove a badly placed ‘build out’ on the Wellbrae hill in Daviot.

” It is highly unusual for me to ask for the removal of traffic calming, as I am a huge advocate for safer streets and 20 MPH limits.  However, common sense should prevail where there is experience that it does not work especially in wintery conditions”

“Cars and vans giving way or maneuvering to avoid the build out get stuck in snow and ice as this hill is not a primary gritting route.  But it is the main route for so many people in the village.” Said Paul Johnston.

In a letter to Aberdeenshire’s head of roads, Philip McKay, Councilor Johnston argued that there were sufficient other traffic calming opportunities on a flatter land.  The ‘build out’ he said had outlived its purpose as the Wellbrae got busier with the new hall next to it and new housing.

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