Brewing Industry shows “quality wins” – says beer fan Councillor

Aberdeenshire Councillor and drinks industry watcher, Paul Johnston has welcomed news that the Cask beer and craft beer brewers in the UK have grown in number and taken a bigger market share. The news came on the anniversary of 40 years of CAMRA the campaign for real ale in Scotland. It is being called a UK beer revolution.

“There are more brewers than before in both the UK and Scotland making real cask and craft beer. Scotland leads the way with fantastic small breweries such as Windswept, 6ºNorth as well as the phenomenal success of Brewdog.”

“When chain pubs are closing daily, these independent brewers are bucking all trends by expanding and making quality products. There is a lesson there for all of Scotland’s food and drink producers – quality at the right price, innovation and enthusiasm pays. A recent report shows that cask ale and craft beer, while not entirely the same, are joined at the hip, inseparable and overlapping. That reinforces the artisan and craft nature of the new movement in brewing and consuming quality beer in Scotland.”

Sales of cask beer, the number of people who drink it breweries which make it and festivals that celebrate it, are all increasing according to the latest cask report. The report supported by Cask Marque, CAMRA, SIBA and real ale brewers reported that cask ale is increasing its rate of sale as more pubs stock it. It is increasing its market share with one in six pints of beer served in pubs being real ale.

” Those in positions of authority need to have strong regard for the North East Scotland brewing sector. With breweries such as Brewdog, Burnside, Deeside, 6° North, Speyside, Spey Valley, Brewmeister and Windswept, as well as others in planning shows we have an emerging role in Scottish brewing which offers a long term sustainable industry. “said Cllr Johnston. “We cannot pass up this opportunity”

Source: What’s Brewing October 2014.


  1. Councillor Paul Johnston is a member of the Democratic Independent and Green Group on Aberdeenshire Council.
  2. Paul Johnston has nearly 30 years involvement in the drinks industry as a retailer and wholesaler.
  3. Councillor Johnston has been a consistent supporter of the cask and craft brewing sector as a member and supporter of CAMRA for over 30 years.
  4. Last month 40 years of Scottish campaigning was celebrated. The first meeting on 9 September 1974 in Bishopton, Renfrewshire is remembered as the beginning in Scotland, growing to more than 4500 members with eight well run and attended beer festivals, showcasing more than Scottish Breweries.

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