Support new Cycle saftey Web App says Aberdeenshire Councillor

Aberdeenshire Councillor, Paul Johnston, is calling on the council to support, promote and sponsor an initiative across the UK to report and record cycle accidents and near misses in order to save lives.

The new project on the Internet is called ‘Collideoscope’ and is organised by ‘MySociety’ a not for profit charitable organisation aimed at using people power on the web.  They will use the same technology that is behind ‘Fix my Street’ that reports potholes and dangers on the roads. It was launched today, 15th October 2014.

“Cycle safety is critical if people are to be encouraged to use their bikes, for health and transport reasons.  This web initiative to report accidents and near misses, could go a long way to save lives.” Said Councillor Johnston.

” All of the reports sent back by smartphone or other devices will give council engineers and the police valuable geographical information to design and organise for safer cycling.  I hope Aberdeenshire Council will grasp this initiative by promoting it as part of its support for cycling.  The Council should sponsor its development with a small contribution, remembering that every road death costs society millions of pounds as well as the untold personal grief”


You can see the MySociety launch press release HERE:

Collideoscope web pages are here

Councillor Paul Johnton is Leader of the Democratic Independent and Green Group on Aberdeenshire Council

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