Support for petition about Coal Gas extraction from Aberdeenshire Councillor

DSCN1916I have sent an email to Energy Minister Fergus Ewing to ask him to complete the moratorium on unconventional gas by including risky underground coal gasification technology.

Experts have called it ‘extremely experimental’ and ‘a lot more risky’ than the other two unconventional gas techniques.  The government could easily put it on hold using the same planning and environmental blocks as with fracking.

The Friends of the Earth have asked people to have send the minister, Fergus Ewing, an e-mail to back this campaign. It only took a minute or two using a handy email template letter – please take the time to do the same.

The current moratorium on fracking is very welcome but it should be extended to include the proposals to set light to coal seams under the Firth of Forth and the Solway. There is a strong evidence from the United States that this form of gas extraction can release not just damaging CO 2, but methane, direct into the atmosphere.  The risk should not be taken.

All you have to do is visit and put in your details – it is as easy as that.


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