Aberdeenshire Councillor highlights that “wet wipes” are smothering our beaches with an increase of over 50% in a single year!

Aberdeenshire Councillor Paul Johnston is highlighting a Marine Conservation Society (MCS) report on the 2014 Great British Beach Clean.

” There has been a shocking increase in the number of wet wipes that get washed up on our shores.  It’s a direct result of people failing to read the packets and expecting to flush everything away”

“Consumers should purchase paper based product if they want this disposable luxury.  Many wet wipes are not suitable for flushing because they fail to degrade and that’s why they turn up on our beaches.  When buying, check the packet, there are Brands which are both flushable and compostable leaving no harmful residue in the environment.”

The Aberdeenshire Councillor who represents Balmedie, praised the work of the MCS and particularly the findings of their report.

” We see a continuing rise in items like wipes and cotton buds which use small plastic elements, polluting the environment.  Plastics never go away but can break down into microscopic pieces or nano particles that are so small that they can enter animal cells and disrupt health damaging ecosystems.”

The Councillor is asking consumers to use their buying influence by rejecting plastic disposable items and non compostable wipes.

“Caring and careful consumers can protect our oceans and make our beaches better for us to enjoy” said Paul.

The MCS report said:

Wet wipes are smothering our beaches with an increase of over 50% in a single year!

As more people choose to use moist cloths to remove make-up, replace traditional toilet paper and apply fake tan, more wipes are flushed down the loo causing havoc with sewerage systems and ending up on our beaches.

Beach litter is continuing to rise and plastic is still the most frequently found item on our shores.

The Government claims no new action is needed on marine litter, and says it is doing all it can, but these figures clearly show not enough is being done.


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