Councillor highlights Zero Waste Report on ‘Deposit & Return Systems’

A report commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland is out that asks “Is a deposit return system feasible within Scotland.”

Aberdeenshire Councillor Paul Johnston, a member of the Democratic Independent and Green Group said:

” This report will require some considerable study.  If Scotland is to move towards a circular economy then deposit and return schemes for reuse and consumer goods will be essential”

Paul Johnston has campaigned for Zero Waste Scotland to involve third sector groups and community groups involved in recycling to be at the heart of any deposit and return system.

” the deposit and return system will need to have major public buy-in in order for it to succeed.  The involvement of community based resources groups would make a deposit and return system much more likely to succeed as people will see economic, social as well as environmental benefits.”

There report is available here:


ZWSReportDeposit return system feasibility study

Is a deposit return system feasible within Scotland?

The research aims to assess whether a deposit return system (DRS) would work in Scotland and what the key considerations might be in implementing a system.  It gathered evidence from key players potentially affected including deposit return experts and operators in other countries; drinks companies and trade bodies; retailers and logistics companies

The study models what a Scottish system could look like, based on a comprehensive comparison of other systems operated across the globe.  The model included a deposit of between 10p and 20p per item, and covered all drinks and containers, including bottles, cans and cartons. 

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